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Acne. It's a pain in the face. Pun intended.

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

I have always had acne, but over the past 5 months I have developed what is called cystic acne. If you have ever had cystic acne, you will know that you will sometimes not want to leave the house, you go to sleep crying wanting it to go away, especially when you’re surrounded with friends and family who have perfect, and I mean PERFECT complexion’s who complain about the tiniest of spot on their temple. Please know that if you have a friend or family member who has acne they are struggling, even if they’re the strongest person you know, it will get to them. It hurts, it looks unappealing, and when someone tells you that they don’t notice it, trust me, they won’t believe you.

Don’t get me wrong, I have days where I feel great about my skin, and yes I will have a cyst on my cheek but I won’t let it get me down, however these days are rare, and are cherished when they come.

Now when you don’t have acne, you look at a person face as a whole, however when you have acne you look at every single perfect little blemish on someone’s skin. It’s natural, and you wonder how on earth they can be looking at you, and not the volcano growing underneath your skin, especially when it’s nearly black from oxygenated blood. It’s horrible, and mirrors are simply not your best friend, camera’s are even worse.

So how have I dealt with it? Here are a few tips…

A c c e p t t h a t y o u w i l l h a v e y o u r b a d

d a y s , a n d y o u r g o o d d a y s ...

And when the good days come take as many selfies, and look in the mirror as much as you can. Cherish it.

D i e t

..don’t let it control you obviously, you can have cheat days – that is allowed, if not encouraged, but try and be good. Like a celiac shouldn’t have wheat, unfortunately if you’re prone to breakouts, then your diet is a huge factor. A major factor for my breakouts is caffeine which kills me, because I’m the biggest coffee drinker to date. So I just try and cut down the amount I have.

T r y D i f f e r e n t

T h i n g s :

..it might be a combination of different things (it was for me). I tried two different antibiotics, was on a 18% PH skincare, drinking collagen drinks (skinade – which is insane, but I will post another post about that soon) as well as on a strictly no sugar diet before my skin decided to get better. The one thing to do is never give up trying new cure’s, because one thing might work for you just when you were about to give up. It’s frustrating but worth it.

O x y g e n e t i x F o u n d a t i o n :

..I can’t recommend this foundation enough, I simply jumped for joy when I found it. It is a foundation which has been created with the help of top dermatologists, scientists, plastic surgeons and many others in order to cover the appearance of acne as well as stimulating the skin to repair and regenerate. Everyone knows that covering acne with loads of foundation makes it worse, so you automatically have the overwhelming fear on every night out, that as soon as you get back you are rushing to those make-up wipes faster then you can say knife. However oxygentix foundation is actually better to put on the skin compared to wearing nothing at all. They have a range of colors for all skin types, and it is suitable for sensitive skin. To find out more visit their website. (http://www.oxygenetix.com/products) It was a lifesaver for me, so try it out. I get mine through Aesthetic Solutions in Truro.

E x e r c i s e :

..If you’re feeling low about your skin then exercise. I can’t stress this enough. You sweat out all of your impurities, and you realise endorphins which make you feel great. Trust me, it works.

One final thing to end on: Acne does not define you. Do not let it stop you from living, because the only thing that should stop you from living is death.

As always, with love

B x