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Updated: Jul 11, 2019

So working a 9-5 job. 5 days a week, including one Saturday a month, having two diploma’s on the go, fitting in a social life with friends, and family, as well as riding my pony. Is god damn hard. So how do I do it? Sometimes God alone knows. But I’ve included some top tips on how I manage to get the boring stuff done to get to the good.

P r i o r i t i s e

The most important thing you need to do is prioritiseNow prioritising is harder than it seems, and sometimes your list of priorities will change weekly, sometimes even daily, but if you want anything to get done, you need to do this asap. So here goes; write out a list of all of the things you need & want to do (and I mean EVERYTHING,) then put them into order of how essential they are in order to get done. BUT what I need you to also do is not always follow this or

der. It is VERY important to have a social life. Work doesn’t always come first,  it can’t be all work no play, unless you want to drain yourself, and make yourself ill. (been there done it – I wouldn’t advise.) So change it up regularly, make it fun. I get bored easily, so it is essential to me that I don’t get stuck in the same routine. The best thing to do is get a journal and to stick to the plan Stan.

G Y M :

I know that for me, going to the gym straight after work boosts my motivation by 110%, putting me in a work mood. The hardest thing is motivating yourself up enough to get in the car and go. So why be motivated to go? Well a huge aspect of why I go is the ability of it being a huge stress relief, physically and mentally. It literally BOOSTS HAPPY CHEMICALS. As well as the insane plus that regular physical activity boosts memory and ability to learn new things. Getting sweaty increases production of cells in hippocampus, responsible for memory and learning. So get ready to apply for that Nobel Prize because studies suggest that a tough workout increases levels of a brain-derived protein (known as BDNF) in the body, believed to help with decision making, higher thinking, and learning. So, go ahead trick your brain into thinking it needs to get going. If you (like many others,) hate working out, I promise you’re doing it wrong. You’re probably focusing on the wrong things. For me I love cardio because it allows me to physically run through all of the irrational, and useless thoughts cramming my mind, so that when I go home to work I have a clear mind, and the only thoughts of which actually matter. I stay away from weights. However I know people who go to my gym which hate cardio, especially when doing it alone, they prefer weights, or doing classes, because they need that extra motivator (legit someone shouting at you to do another burpee.)

T h e F o r e s t a p p :

If you like being organised, and you love your phone as much as I do, you know how hard it is not to do the classic facebook, instagram, snapchat, pinterest and repeat. This app turns all notifications of for the amount of time that you want to work whether it being 10 minutes – 2 hours, and plants you a tree every time of which you complete the time chosen. https://www.forestapp.cc/en/

I T ’ S P L A N N E R

S E A S O N :

Wack out that 2018 diary, It’s coming close to February now, which means if you haven’t got a planner yet, then why the frickle-frackle not? and also because you’ve left it so late, you are somehow rewarded by buying something totally awesome in a sale. Once you’ve got it then start as you mean to go on. I love writing things down, I tried keeping up with the times and tried to be online, (calender’s and reminders) but it wasn’t me, I’m a doodler and you can’t doodle on iphones, at least I’m not tech savvy enough to do so. So hello new diary! Not only am I obsessed with new diary from amazon.co.uk, but I also have a daily planner too from careergirldaily.com. For each day it has a two page spread which includes a plan for the day, a food diary, an exercise column, and how many glasses of water I’ve had that day. There is nothing more satisfying than filling that in when you’ve had a kick ass day (a shit day… not so much, but let’s keep it positive.) So stationary obsessed much? Yeah, I’m afraid so. But I do use both, my diary keeps me focused on the long term, and my planner breaks it down day by day. Any new idea’s I have, quotes, saying, literally anything, everything goes in. It makes me feel super organised, as well as forcing me to get shit done. So it might be worth investing if you prefer writing things down, rather than putting it in your phone.

B r e a k s :

I can remember when I was revising for A-levels and had made myself such a busy revision timetable, that I had forgot to pencil in any breaks at all, I stuck to it, without the breaks, and actually made myself ill. It actually probably knocked my revision back a whole week. So know that it’s OKAY (if not good) to take a break: Go out and do something; see a friend, have a coffee, you need time to take in everything. When you have a busy schedule, with so much to do you often forget to plan in time to just breathe, so BREATHE. The world is not going to end if you have a break from everything. If anything, breaks actually allow you to get more stuff done, you’re more likely to complete tasks more effectively if you let your brain take a breather. I mean think about it, if you were running a marathon, you don’t sprint from the start line, it’s all about strategy. So strategize.

R e w a r d Y o u r s e l f :

It’s been scientifically proven that positive reinforcement is  real, so use it to your advantage. There’s no point in punishing yourself, complaining about how you haven’t done enough work. So set your self a goal, and then allow yourself, if you reach that goal (with a time limit attached) to reward yourself with whatever you had decided on. It might of been buying a jumper you had your eye on, an extra night out that week, a chocolate biscuit, literally anything! It helps me work harder, because at least then I’m not just working towards a deadline, I’m working towards something I want. (Willpower comes into this a lot though – try not to cut corners, I speak from experience.)

If you have any more top tips on how to stay focused then please do leave a comment.

I hope everyone’s having a wonderful new year so far.

As always, with love

B x