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Screw Waking Up Happy

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

I have been told by countless people that happiness, and positivity is all in how you start your day, and I have gotten to the point where I'm going to have to call bullshit.

I'm sorry, but as soon as you put a time limit on happiness then it no longer resinates with the feeling, it becomes forced. Do you know what the hardest thing to do is? Be in the middle of your day, with your mood being so low that if we were personifying it, it's feet would be dragging on the ground until they were rubbed raw.

S o W h a t ' s M y A d v i c e ?

G E T O N W I T H Y O U R S H I T .

If I let my mood affect my life, I would get nothing, and I mean NOTHING done. When I was going through a really rough time in 2015 I had forgotten the meaning of happiness. I had to call about 5 people per day just to get through, and it wasn't until my sister said 'fake it till you make it' it finally made sense. I was spending forever online trying to find that one cure, when in fact the one cure was actually my perspective. It is a known, scientific fact that if you so-call 'fake' being happy (by smiling, and laughing, just seeing things how they are), then you will actually trick your brain into being so. Good things will start happening and you will start to get hella confused why all of these good things start to come alive around you.

P i n t e r e s t :

I cannot recommend a site more for motivation, positivity, and legitimately anything else, I'm in love with it, and with the updates they have done recently, I love it even more. Type in anything, and go wild.

I n s t a g r a m :

If you have instagram, and you are an avid user, like me. What I normally do, which ALWAYS improves my mood is scroll right to the bottom of my feed (for me that takes a while) so I can reminisce all of the photo's I have specifically chosen that have made me happy over the years.

G e t O u t s i d e :

There is nothing better than getting out. And don't you dare blame the weather, if you can drive, you have the greatest gift available, if it's raining, go to the gym. If it's sunny go to the nearest beach, just get that fresh air, and get moving.

G e t o u t o f y o u r h e a d ,

..talk to someone, and if you can't talk to someone write it down. You'll be able to get a new perspective when it's out of your head. If you don't do this your thoughts will suffocate you, and you might actually make yourself ill, it's not healthy holding things in, so just let it out.

A N D m y f i n a l a d v i c e ; w h e n n o t h i n g

g o e s r i g h t , g o t o b e d - t h e b e s t

a d v i c e I h a v e e v e r r e c e i v e d .

Life can get you down, but then again so can anything, have you ever been at the gym and been like 'yeah I don't want to do this today' and then you just leave? How shitty do you feel after leaving that gym? Worse than if you had never gone right? EXACTLY. You turned up this morning, you did it, and you have no idea how much you will feel like a boss if you don't feel like smiling to that angry customer. So don't let your mood take over your life, flip it, and let your life take over your mood.

Keep smiling chickadee's x