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Stop letting your emotions get the better of you.

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Ever since I can remember I have been an emotional girl, that being said, I have defiantly learnt how to put a handle on my emotions over the years. But sometimes I do let them slip, I get into my bad habits, and hello free fall, and sorry to those who stand in my way, cry me a river may just have been written about me having an 'off day' and 'rain on my parade' well that's the feeling everyone has when someone steals your last bit of toast right? Anyway, if anyone feels like their emotions over topple them I have a bit of advice for you...

Wait just one more day...

When you’re angry, upset, happy, exited, sombre. Just wait for one day to do that drastic thing you’re thinking of. When you’re experiencing a certain emotion in volume it’s safe to say you’re not thinking straight. Sometimes you make this huge statement, or decision because of that emotion, and sometimes it works out in your favour, and darling if you do it, I hope it does. But most times we make that drastic decision and it goes wrong, and if we would of waited one more day, then we wouldn’t of done it. We would stopped ourselves, and thought maybe today is not the day I book a week away without knowing if I have enough money or not. Maybe today is not the day I fall in love with a stranger on a dark night out in November. Maybe today is not the day that I say something I will later regret. Maybe today is not that day. And if you think about it strongly enough, that day will come, or on the contrary, maybe that day will never come, because maybe it’s not meant too.

Stick the kettle on, because I promise you tomorrow is another day, and let it be a better one.

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