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The Truth About Going Dairy Free

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Going dairy free sounded like the most terrifying expedition I was ever going to face. The amount of milk I consumed is actually crazy (I eat a lot of cereal, fairly self explanatory) and when you really analyse how much dairy you're consuming everyday it's actually fairly surprising, it seems it's in everything. So without it, all I could think of was absolute chaos.

W h y I W e n t D a i r y F r e e

I went dairy free due to reading an article about how much cutting down your dairy intake can impact your skin, due to the hormones which are supposedly present in cow's milk. My acne was getting so bad that I was running out of options, and I had tried EVERYTHING else but changing my diet (read more about dealing with acne here). The next and last option was roaccutane, and that option simply terrified me due to the side effects, so I thought why not. And hey presto, on a Tuesday afternoon I stopped my dairy intake entirely.

T h e I m p l i c a t i o n s :

If you do go on a dairy free diet, I must say (not if, but when) you do 'cheat' and have dairy, try and not go wild, as soon as I have a little bit more than a regular amount, i just break out again. When your body gets use to not having something, if you put too much of anything in your diet your body will just freak, and boom, break out central.

It's also important that you get all of your necessary nutrients. Most dairy free alternatives have the same amount of nutrients in them as dairy products, to allow you to get all of the nutrients and vitamins you need. If you're feeling tired and drained since you've come off of dairy however then it's probable that you're not getting enough nutrients from your food. If this is the case then it's easy to fix by topping up your intake of calcium, and other essentials by eating nuts, seeds, dark green leafy vegetables, soya, lentils, beans and tofu, or taking a multivitamin...Don't forget how amazing smoothies are, and how much nutrients you can shove in one of those bad boys!

T h e B a r r i e r s :

When I first started my dairy free diet I went full scale, and my main thought process was 'SUGAR, and lots of it'. I only shopped for 'dairy free' options and totally forgot about the things which don't have dairy in normally, hello veggies. There are so many products which wouldn't normally have dairy in; nuts, grains, certain soups, the list is endless, so don't do a me and shop for only dairy free.

T h e A l t e r n a t i v e 's :

The amount of milk alternatives there are now is insane, there's rice milk, soya milk, every different type of nut milk, and finding your alternative milk is a bit of a mix and match method. I prefer almond milk in my tea, but wouldn't dare go near my cereal with it, instead with cereal I use rice milk. Everyone has their own personal preference however. So go on, go wild, experiment with your milk. What's the worse that can happen?

Just a quick note however, drinking TOO much soya milk CAN lead to problems in the body, so try not to consume only soya milk, instead maybe try coconut milk which has traces of soya milk in it ~ blog 'SOYA' coming soon.

G o i n g O u t T o E a t :

Okay so I thought when I started this diet that I was going to never be able to eat anything apart from the limited side menu, but surprisingly I was astounded by how many cafe's and restaurant's have a whole other dairy free menu. My main guess being because veganism is so big internationally now, an absolute lifesaver to people like me. It made the whole change a lot easier. So don't be afraid to go out to eat with friends, GO HAVE FUN.

T h e B i g Q u e s t i o n : I s I t W o r t h I t ?

Is it worth it? 100% but have a reason for doing it. Mine was for my skin, if you're doing it just to do it, then it might not be best for you. I feel better on it, and although it's sometimes a pain in the arse, that's what cheat days are for. If you decide to go on a dairy free diet, then I would love to know how you're finding it, and what your best tips are. Find me on facebook and send over a message.

Thanks for reading you lovely person, and whether you're dairy free or not, I hope you have the best day.