• Gollygoshb

Treat yourself like a friend, not your enemy.

If you wrote a letter to a stranger, I wonder how it would differ from writing to yourself. I'm sure it would be kinder. You would give them credit where credit was due, and you would forgive them when they made mistakes, complemented by the subtle sentence of 'you're only human'. So why can we not give ourselves the same credit? Why should you differ from this? I dared myself a few days ago to write to myself as if I was a stranger. Looking at myself from the outside perspective with nothing but admiration for myself and forgiveness for the mistakes I continue to make day by day. What I found is that I started to realise I don't give myself enough credit for all that I do in any way at all, and if you did the same thing, you would probably find neither do you. It's easy to criticise yourself, but to learn how to be happy in yourself, you must accept that you are only human too. Instead of focusing on the mistakes you make, consider focusing on how to not make that mistake in the future. Give yourself a break, take a minute to breathe, because that's a habit we're all good at, and we don't even need to think about it, we're such a kick-ass species that our body does it for us.