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It's A Christmas For Giving

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

So, Christmas is the time of year which is all about giving, right? And whilst everyone is thinking about buying for their loved ones, which thankfully I've gotten done early this year (Oh I know...the pure shock!) there is something I wanted to do a bit different this year...

Every year, I'm lucky enough to get some money for Christmas, normally from family (since I'm a starving student, who needs money to guide her way through the so-called 'glamorous' university lifestyle) however this year, I thought that instead of spending most of my money on things that I will grow to not use anymore, or grow out of, I would give to causes that mean the most to me. So of course, I did my research, and due to the thorough searching I've managed to do, based on how much of my money actually goes to the cause and not towards marketing (which calls for a whole other blog post) I decided that the following charities were my best fit...and since I'm quite indecisive I couldn't pick just one...So here's my pick for 2018...

R e f u g e : B e c a u s e E v e r y C h i l d

D e s e r v e s A T e d d y B e a r T h i s C h r i s t m a s

Refuge is a charity which was created for women and children suffering from the consequences of Domestic Abuse. Thankfully I have never had, or have known anyone who has suffered from the terrible acts of domestic abuse, however, it does happen (even if we're not aware of it.) I fell in love with this charity due to the amount of support they provide for all those using its services. The charity aims to raise £30,000 this Christmas, but until that target is reached, every penny of donations goes directly to whatever chosen cause you choose yourself. Any funds left over will go towards the charity's running costs. For the refuge parcels, 79p out of every £1 donated goes directly to the charitable activity.

There are lots of gifts to I choose from on the Refuge site, however buying a child a teddy bear this Christmas was defiantly the one I had to choose. Ever since I could remember I held a teddy bear under my arm (so much so that I got an award to going to school without one at the age of 6 - attachment problems maybe?) I wouldn't go anywhere without it, like every child I know nowadays. My teddy bear got me through anything and everything. Every child deserves something to cuddle this Christmas, so I thought I'd give them what I always used to hold dearest. Their very own teddy bear.

W W F : I ' v e a d o p t e d a n e l e p h a n t . . .

My dream has come true, well partly. I mean I've always wanted to own an elephant, however since living in Cornwall I don't think it would be too practical, so how about the next best thing? Hello, adoption. One click later, and hey presto, I now get to receive any news and progress that the charity is making throughout the year, the amazing feeling that I am actually doing something to help my favorite animal (tiny as it may be), as well as knowing that David Attenborough can continue using his harmonious voice to explain how these wonderful creatures live in their daily habitat.

And although I chose elephants, they aren't the only animal you can adopt through the WWF, you can decide on a number of animals, from endangered to otherwise, for as little as £3 a month. WWF uses every donation towards helping the creature at hand, with conservation work for either an individual animal or a small group of animals. For every £1 donated, 72p is used directly for conservation work and campaigns, 19p for fundraising and 9p on administration costs. And of course with the option of a cuddly Toy. Of which personally I opted against, mostly so that more of my money can go towards the cause, and also because of the number of cuddly animals I have from my childhood, hiding in the attic.)

Everyone loves animals, so why not adopt one for a friend this Christmas?

O X F A M : G i v i n g A C h i l d A n E d u c a t i o n . . .

The final charity I chose was Oxfam, a charity which almost everyone has probably of heard of, mostly due to the huge amount of which they do for those in need. The specific programme I chose to support this Christmas, was giving those who are less fortunate in countries of pollution an education; which, to me is one of the most important things that every child should have the opportunity of getting. Every child supported has the opportunity to reach their full potential as every child should. And for as little as £19 I think it is truly worth every penny. For every £1 donated, 83p goes on projects, 10p on running costs and 7p on fundraising. Even if you hated school, at least you had the chance to go. You can also spread the Christmas cheer by gifting it to one of your family or friends (especially if you have someone who is an absolute nightmare to buy a present for, and whacks out the classic 'I don't need or want anything', it's a heartwarming gift to receive.

There are so many more great charities to give to this Christmas. If you can spare anything, then please do. Not everyone is as lucky as you and me this time of year, so give what you can...A great website which was a great use to me for finding the charities I chose can be found here, which gives links to where to donate, and why to donate to them.

Thanks for reading you Funky Lemon x

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